Today I was reminded of the days of water restrictions. I took my car in for a service and decided to walk to the local coffee haven for a coffee and the compulsory bacon and eggs. I needed something close by because it was raining cats and dogs.

The first coffee haven I reached was the Mugg and Bean at the PicknPay Center. As I sat down I was promptly informed that coffee was a no-go as they had no water but could serve me tea. Yes… I see that frown. Isn’t tea made with water?

What they meant, was that the coffee machine is plumbed directly into the water supply and that means no water- no coffee. Dejected I looked across the road and remembered another coffee haven lay just beyond crossing Main Road in peak traffic. At this stage my coffee desire was stronger than my fear of crossing Main Road in morning peak hour traffic.

Fifteen minutes later I sat down at the Essence Cafe in the Woolworths/Checkers Center. The owner came across and said “We have no water for our coffee machines but I am making a plan to rectify that.” I immediately liked him. Not even ten minutes later I was served with my compulsory coffee. He had made a plan and I like that.

Yes, we have many challenges in our country and surrounds, but to throw up our hands and say “No water, no electricity, potholes…”, eish! I love it when we say “Yes, that is a problem, but here’s a possible solution” or “I see that, I’m going to make a plan.”

So all of you at Essence Cafe, well done.