Why no subscription link?

Lets me start by saying “That’s a great question”. Almost every website wants you to subscribe to them, stores want your email address so that they can send you specials announcements and the list goes on. We complain that everyone is bombarding us with requests and information. Here’s the truth, we have ourselves to blame.

You and I have got lazy, we are the ones who want information “pushed” to us via email, sms, whatsApp and FaceBook so that we can choose what we want to read and respond to. But it becomes too much neh!

Here’s a novel idea. Instead of subscribing to a website and allowing them to “push” notifications to you, why not make a URL Bookmark and visit the websites, on your own time, you really feel add a benefit to you.

Hence, no subscription is available on my websites. If you enjoy the posts, why not make a URL Bookmark in your browser and surf on over when you have the time. Honestly, I have done this to great success. I visit those blogs, websites etc that I feel give value to me and it stops all the notifications rushing in because one day, three years ago I subscribed to a blog on which I read an article that interested me.

Come now sweatpea, make some changes. Bookmark this site in your browser if you want more, there is no subscription box.