I like to read books written a long time ago, just a thing of mine. I read modern books as well, but books written yonks ago have a particular interest to me. Especially old books written by preachers and men and women who touched the world for Christ.

So it was with some interest that I bought a book called “Piercing Heaven : Prayers of the Puritans” by Robert Elmer. What this guy did, was assemble and bring together edited prayers from various Puritan authors. If you would like to know who the Puritans were, here is a link explaining the low down on who they were and what they did : Who were the Puritans by Christianity.com

The book sounded interesting because at the time I was doing a study on prayer. I was wanting to read prayers of Christians from centuries ago to see how they approached the Lord in prayer. I had already read the book “The Prayers of Peter Marshall” who was a Scottish immigrant who became Chaplain to the U.S Senate and pastor of one of the largest churches in Washington, D.C. who died in 1949.

I had found Peter Marshall’s prayers an inspiration and longed to pray like he did. He seemed to have such an incredible life of prayer. So when I saw this book about Puritan prayers, I was keen to read it.

Wow! What a joy to read. It has become a book I keep close at hand when I pray, and especially when I’m in that place of not knowing what or how to pray.

If you can get hold of a copy, you won’t regret it. The book also comes in digital format and can be purchased through Amazon.com.